Health, Vitality
and Every Day Well-Being.

Neele Dehoux

Naturopathic Health Practitioner

Diploma from Cenatho (Collège Européen de Naturopathie Traditionnelle Holistique), Paris

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While westerners like to dig their graves with their teeth, it’s worth remembering that food is our first defence against illness and a medicine in itself.


“The wise man is the one whose gut is working well” Buddha. Discover this ancestral practice of cleansing and prevention.


Learn to manage stress, the sickness of the century, thanks to holistic naturopathic methods which everyone can use in their daily lives.


This holistic tradition, which is one of the oldest approaches to medicine in the world, opens the path to consciousness, opens your ears to your body and thereby unveils your profound nature.


Planning a family? Already pregnant or a new mother? Holistic naturopathy will help you to live healthily and serenely during all the steps of this marvellous adventure.


Introductory conferences or a chance to deepen your knowledge and insight into the global vision of the pathway of naturopathy and Ayurveda. Theory but also practice. Experience sharing…


« Know yourself and you will know the universe and the Gods » (Socrates)
« A therapist is the one who takes care of the being » (J.-Y. Leloup)
« The therapist is not the one who heals, he is a companion on the way» (K. G. Durckheim)

My love for languages I am bilingual in French and Dutch and studied English and Spanish at the Free University of Brussels – led me first to a career in marketing and communication. But while this experience brought me much joy and satisfaction, after several years, I realised I did not feel complete fulfilment.

A personal health issue introduced me to naturopathy. Thanks to my curious character, an open-minded spirit and my determination to better understand the mechanisms related to illness and health, I discovered a new path, which led me to the doors of Cenatho (Collège Européen de Naturopathie Traditionnelle Holistique) in Paris where, after completing my studies, I qualified as a practitioner of naturopathic health.
Everything was falling into place.


Naturopathy, especially holistic naturopathy, is about common sense and the evidence our bodies offer us. As well as becoming my profession, it’s become a big part of my life on a personal level. For me, naturopathy is about listening intuitively to your body. It’s a mode of reasoning and, crucially, a way of life. This means permanent adjustments, a shift in consciousness, and making choices and adopting standpoints that are reflected and reiterated across my life. It’s not always easy in today’s world. Nonetheless, I am invariably guided by my urge to live life to the full and freely and my desire to broaden my field of awareness in everything for me and my two marvellous daughters, my loved ones and those who come to me for consultations.

My education

Personal evolution is the cornerstone of what I do. Pursuing this shows everyone their potential and allows them to see themselves with both their weaknesses and their strong points.

As well as my in-depth studies at Cenatho, I am continuously integrating in my practice diverse sources of inspiration. I draw from the books and articles I read and on my professional experience, both past and present. I regularly attend conferences, courses, seminars and professional education programmes in the domain of therapy and broader health issues.

For close to 10 years I have also been undergoing both a personal and professional training in Ayurveda (with Dr Anne Verbist and with Acharya Sudhakar Powar).

As part of my holistic ayurvedic health approach, I offer my clients colonic irrigation or hydrotherapy of the colon. This significant tool helps, effectively, in the detoxification and the reestablishment of the digestive functions of the body; essential to maintain or to rediscover health and vitality at every level.

All of this put together creates a special alchemy, which brings a specific know-how and a know-how-to-be that I offer as part of my service to everyone who wants to advance on his or her path and explore the world of possibilities.

Neele Dehoux