Mother & Baby

“It takes a village to raise a child.”
African proverb

Family planning

Even before conception, naturopathy and Ayurveda can already be very useful.

Preparing the body for pregnancy is a matter of lifestyle, rhythm, food, physical exercise, detox etc. All things which help nature be on your side.

First of all, so that two very particular cells meet in the best conditions. Then, so that the welcoming of this little being and its growth take place in the best possible way. And in the end, because it must be allowed to flourish in fertile, safe and nurturing terrain.

The pregnant woman*

If you are pregnant, you will already be more aware of your lifestyle needs. You are no longer alone and your body adapts daily to the development of your baby. Naturopathic and Ayurvedic advice help you to live better through all the physical and emotional changes that pregnancy causes. Nutrition, relaxation, breathing, hydrology, and stress management will contribute to living fully and in awareness of this privileged moment, which is needed at this time.

Infants and older children*

Breastfeeding, sleep, psycho-motility, carrying, diversification, nutrition … It’s a whole new world to discover together with your family but sometimes alone too. Added to that is a barrage of daily news which can also raise questions, doubts and worries.

Indeed the baby universe is a brand new adventure for him/her and you so it is inevitably reassuring to feel surrounded, listened to, supported and advised when the need arises.

Here again, naturopathy and Ayurveda offer a space of openness of consciousness for the integration of relational dynamics to accompany the evolution of the family and the expression of all its potential.

(*) in addition to the care and services of the doctor/paediatrician and the midwife.

Neele Dehoux