“The wise man is the one whose gut is working well.” 

What is colonic irrigation and hydrotherapy ?

Colonic irrigation is a cleansing and preventive practice which is essential for the maintenance of good health. It is a gentle, controlled and thorough method of cleaning the large bowel (the colon) and consists of introducing fresh, filtered and body temperature water through the rectum. This practice dates back to ancient times but today benefits from state-of-the-art technology to ensure the patient’s comfort and a perfect level of hygiene. It is a technique which is much more effective than a simple enema.

Why use colonic irrigation ?

Day after day, waste and toxins related to food, compromised digestion, stress, pollution etc foul up our colon a little more. This makes it lose its effectiveness meaning that the whole body undergoes a progressive and automatic intoxication. This, in turn, undermines our overall health.

Encrusted waste in the colon may be responsible for many pathologies and chronic dysfunctions. Because these wastes are toxic and in contact with the mucus membranes, they may affect other areas of the body such as the digestive tract of course but also the urinary tract, the respiratory tract, the skin, and the nervous system among others.

Hydrotherapy gently removes this encrusted waste in the folds of the intestinal wall (feces, debris from the mucus coating, residual irritants, parasites, toxins). It also promotes the evacuation of gases, otherwise imprisoned in the form of uncomfortable bloating.

The result is a clean colon that helps the entire body gradually regain its optimum functionality. Natural immunity is then enhanced and the elimination process rebalances. Gradually, internal harmony is restored and the overall health improved.

Colonic irrigation is cleansing and preventive. The cleanliness of the colon guarantees its good functioning. This good function prevents degeneration as well as many pathologies related to the colon. Therefore, practiced regularly, irrigation of the colon is an undeniable asset for the maintenance of good health.

Nevertheless, it is also essential to integrate this practice into a holistically healthy lifestyle: good hydration, healthy eating, regular physical activity, psycho-emotional harmony …

Colonic irrigation as a method of investigation

Hydrotherapy of the colon gives us information about the state of the digestive system. It tells us about the shape, the appearance and composition of the faecal matter, as well as the presence of gas or of parasites, thus revealing the state of the intestinal ecosystem.

Colonic irrigation as a complement to other therapies

Colonic hydrotherapy is a good complement to treatments such as detoxification, diet or fasting. What’s more, this practice is an important part of the launch of a global personal development plan because our perception of ourselves and of the world around us is intimately linked to the state of our digestive system. The intestines may be considered to be a second or even a first brain.

When should I use it ?

The benefits, both direct and indirect, of colonic irrigation are many. Its main uses are in the treatment of :


Fatigue and loss of muscle tone


Engorgement and stasis of the pelvic region


Digestive issues:

colitis, constipation, diarrhoea, gas, bloating, parasites


Ear, nose and throat infections:

sinusitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis


Gynaecological complaints:

painful periods, thrush, unusual discharge


Vascular malfunctions:

heavy legs, bad circulation, haemorrhoids


Skin issues:

acne, eczema, psoriasis


Rheumatism and back pain


Neurological problems:

pain, panic attacks, insomnia, migraine, stress, depression …

Colonic irrigation also improves the equilibrium of the neuro-vegetative state (reflexes) and reinforces and stimulates the natural immune system.

In addition, in a gentle yet profound way, colonic irrigation acts on the state of stress of an individual as well as his or her emotional imbalance. Because all the things that clutter us and clutch at us emotionally and all that we do not properly digest rests there in our system. Then we ask all that which hurts us, our resentment, our desires, and our dreams to sit there quietly. So let’s learn how to decode the messages our belly sends to us to find the path to harmony and individual achievement.

What happens during a colonic irrigation session ?

The patient lays comfortably on his or her back. A disposable cannula is inserted into the rectum. This is equipped with two pipes: one brings the water in, the other is the evacuation pipe for the waste materials and the used water.

The practitioner performs successive “baths” with a constant water flow and temperature. During the session, alternate temperatures and a regulated flow can be used to get a finer and more personalised cleanse.

The session is calm and the practitioner listens to and respects the client’s feelings. Throughout the session, the practitioner massages the abdomen to promote the fragmentation of faecal residues. In addition, these massages stimulate and allow the patient to attain a good level of peristalsis. The patient can see through a lighted transparent tube the waste which is eliminated from the large intestine. There is no smell or inconvenience of any kind.

Duration: approximately 45 minutes.

How many sessions do I need ?

The frequency of sessions depends on each case and respects the rhythm and needs of each patient.

How do I prepare for a session ?

To attain sustainable results, colonic irrigation is part of a holistic health programme

That is why it is important to integrate colonic irrigation into a naturopathic vital health regime.

Optimal preparation is always on an individual basis because much depends on you, your lifestyle and the state of your digestive system.  However, the general advice, for everyone, to ensure maximum comfort is as follows:

  • Avoid gassy food and drink for 48 hours before the session
  • Eat only cooked vegetables (seasoned with oil, spices etc) or cooked fruit on the night before the session
  • Do not eat two hours before the session
  • Eat lightly at the meal following the session
Neele Dehoux


Whatever your motives, disorders, genetic disposition, health problems, including intestinal and digestive issues, I propose colonic irrigation as part of a holistic Ayurvedic naturopathic treatment and as a major tool to help with detoxification. As an Ayurvedic practitioner, I also propose this method to make people aware of the congestive state of the digestive system, which is the body’s main source of toxins, and the need to treat this condition in order to maintain or restore health and vitality at all levels.